Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

Learn More About The Top Ten Business Ideas For OFWs.

Are you planning for retirement and going home in the country for good? But you are not financially prepared to enjoy your retirement after a long years working overseas? We at Asenso Kabayan conducted and chooses the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) that you might be interested in.

One in The Top list of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs is the,

Food Cart, Coffee shop And Fast Foods

Food Carts And Coffee Shops

When it comes to gathering, parties and any kind of celebration, food will be the number one reason why food business is on the top list. Many food businesses have succeeded in this kind of industry especially in fast food chains. Because the reason behind that, people love to eat. There are companies who offer Food carts for micro seller. Also Coffee shop business is on the top list for those people who love to hang out, meeting events and more! People love to spend their short time with a coffee and pastry.

Online Selling Business

Online Selling is one of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

When it comes to innovation, digital world or the internet makes the business industry easier to access for the customer. Some platform let you start an online business like Facebook, Instagram, Lazada and Shoppee. The only thing you have to worry about is your items. This is the right time to start an online business while others are already enjoying their online business.

Home Made Foods

Home Made Foods is one of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

There are lots of tutorial videos on how to cook on youtube. If your passion is cooking, this is the right time for you to start a business. People love to eat and everyday people are eating, so think about it!

Remittances Business

According to Xpress money, there is 3% contribution in the economy of the Philippines because of remittances from overseas. The impact of remittances on the Philippine economy goes beyond GDP numbers. That’s why there are many remittance branches across the country. Do you know that you can earn up to 40,000 Philippine peso money profits from Remittance business?

remmitance busines

There are some companies who offer to OFW investor to invest and branch out a remittance center from small room to big. If you are planning to put up a business with your big savings, check Philippine franchise website.

Real Estate Business

Do you know that Donald Trumph the current president of the United States is one of the successful CEO of a real estate company? Former senator of the Philippines Mr. Manny Villar was one of tycoon business man who started and succeeded in real estate business.

Real Estate Business is one of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

There are some companies who offer broker ship or part time real estate dealer where you can apply without paying anything. One of the booming business industries is the Real Estate business as population goes up, the demand for a shelter is drastically increasing.

Laundry Shop

From the innovation of the technology, washing machine makes our laundry easy. There are demands for laundry services for hotels, motels, catering services, salons and individuals. Some establishment doesn’t have time to do their laundry.

So the laundry shop business is one of the top lists if you’re looking for an easy and handy business. You can start from 50,000Php up to 200,000Php investment for this kind of business.

Water Refilling Station Business

Water Refilling Station Business is one of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

One of the need or necessity of a person is water, from drinking, washing and shower. There are some rural areas in the Philippines who have no clean water to drink from, if you are living in the country side that doesn’t have clean water. This is the right business for you. You can start your water refilling station from 100,000Php up to 300,000Php.

Mini Grocery Store

Starting a mini-grocery can be a profitable business venture, especially if you live in a rural area with fewer competitors. When people are looking for cheaper and fresh items, they typically head to small groceries, also called mini-grocery stores.

The grocery store industry is competitive and dominated by several big name companies. Thus, you need to identify and observe the niche market in your local area that your mini-market can serve.

  • You can star your mini grocery store by having items to display and supply.
  • Cash register or point of sale that accept cash and card payment.
  • Refrigerator to store frozen foods.
  • Basket for customer use.
  • Employee(s)

You can start this kind of business from 100,000Php up to 500,000Php.

Printing Business

There are a massive numbers of digital printing presses in the Philippines. It’s one of the most important business ventures because of the demand in printing, events and company branding. These might be your chance to start a business and turns into living if you have a passion in designing and printing quality items like giveaways for any events.

Printing Press Business is one of the Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs

There are some companies who offer a start up business that can help you to open this type of business with hands on trainings and supplies. You can start from 20,000Php up to 150,000Php.

The Last But not the least Top 10 Businesses Ideas For OFWs.

Agriculture, Poultry & Dairy Business

Are you thinking of a business that doesn’t require any strategic or complicated plans to make money. This business is for you. Agriculture business such as rice, poultry and dairy are the necessity needed by the majority of people, if you have a place or location where you can sell those items.

Bigasan Business

This is the time you need to start your agriculture business. You can start this business from 50,000php up to 100,000php.