Teacher In Philippines Arrested For Fake News

Teacher In Philippines Arrested For Fake News

A school teacher in General Santos City, Philippines has been rushed in hospitalized today because authority have called for inciting to sedition his social media post. According to Police Major Do files of the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit (RACU12), the said teacher was arrested Last Friday night.

“Atty. Arman Clarin came to our office and he came to our anti-cybercrime mandate because of his aggressive post that he was urging people to go to the GenSan gym and get your relief goods there,” he said.

He  added that the teacher admitted that she was the owner of a social media account saying that GenSan had simultaneously shut down the Lagao Gym because the relief goods were stored there.

Without an arrest warrant, police arrested the teacher who was dismayed by the local government for not distributing relief goods to the affected residents due to the implementation of extreme prevention on non-essential travel in GenSan.

“It was a continuing crime. He still posted what he said could result in unrest and looting,” Dofiles added.

The teacher will file an inciting to sedition case and is scheduled to be served on Monday. But he could also be charged with cyber libel.

“We have evidences that he slammed Mayor [Ronnel] Rivera and the city is planning to file cyber libel against him,” Dofiles said.

But besides the teacher, her son was also arrested after his mother was arrested. The child will be charged with obstruction of justice, disobedience to person in authority and direct assault. The teacher’s child refused to give a statement.

Mayor Ronnel Rivera said the relief goods are being rushed to distribute them to affected residents.

“We are doing our best to repack 64,000 relief goods weekly, good for 6 months. I will explain to her what the city is doing to help our people here in GenSan,” Rivera said. Once again, the PNP Anti-Cybercrime unit has warned to be careful about posting online. Now that the country is under a state of public health emergency, it is possible to arrest anyone who causes public disorder.