Pinay Caregiver in Canada Received New House From Singer Micheal Buble

Pinay Caregiver Surprised By The Singer Michael Bublé With Her New Home in Canada.

A sign of good gesture from the singer Michael Bublé. A Pinay caregiver in canada was fulfilled her dream to get a new home. From a dying Grandfather of the singer he surprised the Pinay health worker as a fulfilled promised by his Grandfather.

As seen in the featured episode of the US show “Celebrity IOU,” the singer gave the Pinay, named Minette, who worked with his grandfather and grandmother for less than a decades, a newly-renovated home in Canada so she wouldn’t have to pay her rent anymore. The Vancouver home, which was built by the singer’s grandfather Demetrio Santanga, underwent renovation with the help of home designers Drew and Jonathan Scott while Minette was in the Philippines for vacation. The singer, with the help of two home designers, turned the interior of the 1970s home into a more modern interior design.

My grandfather was my best friend growing up. He was my hero,” Micheal singer told HGTV.

“I came from the Philippines working as a community health worker. Then I got hired by Michael’s family to look after grandma and grandpa at the same time,” Minette said.

“Minette doesn’t keep any of the money that she makes. She’s got a lot of family in the Philippines and she takes that money and she sends it all back,” Micheal said via Inquirer“Minette is this really compassionate, kind, empathetic human being. She became family almost instantly. I can only imagine what it’s going to mean to her.”