OFW Pinay Found Almost 100K Pesos Stash of Money From Cleaning

OFW Domestic Helper Found A stash of money from cleaning inside the house of her employer and thought she was under a honesty test.

Some of the employer set up or try their maid to a test if they are honest or not. Honesty is one of the most important thing when it comes in a career especially when you are applying as a maid. There are lots of syndicate who used this kind of job to break easily to your house.

Stash Of Money

An OFW Pinay shares her experienced on Facebook when she found a stash of money when she was doing the house choirs. She said her employer ask her to clean the entire house after her employer left for a 3 day vacation. After she saw a bundle of us dollars she never thought of keeping or hiding the money instead.

According to her post, “Papost po admin, share ko lang, sabi ng amo ko last week simulan ko na daw maglinis. Pero ngayon lang ako maglilinis tas ito makikita ko sa ilalalim ng higaan, ano to pain? Lah! Di ako nasisilaw. May sahod naman ako” she said.

After several days when her employer went back home from vacation she received a pasulubong from her employer and revealed that it was a really honesty test. Her employer praised her and all Filipino maids who were honest and doing their job with all hearts.

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