OFW Lost Her Job But Wins 4.5M Pesos In Lottery

An OFW Lost Her Job And Spent 50AED to try her fortune in Lottery And Wins 4.5M Pesos.

An OFW in UAE recently spent her fortune and last money on a lottery in UAE without knowing that she will win the jackpot price of 333,333AED or 4.5Php Million that will change her future.

Remedios Bombon recently lost her job as housekeeping attendant in a school, due to the effect of Pandemic Crisis in the economy and spent her last money, which was AED50, at the Emirates Lotto last May 16.

Remedios Bombon

She was one of the three people chipped in the AED1-million prize at the lotto draw. Living in Baniyas in Abu Dhabi, Bombon said that the school where she was working has closed due to the c0vid19 pandemic crisis.

At the middle of the pandemic, apart from losing her permanent job, she have a paralyzed husband and three children to support and take care in the Philippines.

She stated on her interview in Emirates Lotto “I have AED50. That was the last money I had in my wallet. I will try all the numbers I choose is my birthday and my kids’ birthday. I told God only four numbers is enough for me,” Remedios said.