OFW Nahuli ng Amo Nagtiktok

If you are working in the Gulf country please keep in mind that you cannot wear daring clothes and dance a sexy dance during working hours especially if you are exposed to your employer. In Saudi Arabia, there are strict policies and culture that need to abide by expats and locals. The same with what a Pinay DH has done during the hard lock down in Saudi Arabia.

During total lock down, many people look some other things to do when they’re at home. People spend most of the time on their mobile. Different people do anything to fight off boredom.  Tiktok Mobile App was one of the things interest of many users.

The mobile app Tiktok serve as a video platform to give entertainment to users. Some used the app to create funny videos, dance videos even a short film. Unfortunately, An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who works as a Domestic Helper was caught dancing in the kitchen by her employer during work hour.

According to a post. The Filipina domestic worker was wearing short shorts dancing in the kitchen while recording in tiktok. Though it was not mentioned that the Domestic helper suffered from consequences but she was asking for a repatriation to leave the gulf country and immediately go back in the Philippines.