The first North Korean Novel Corona virus patient to be shot down to infect others. It was ordered by their dictator Kim Jong-Un in fear that the disease might spread to their country. An alleged North Korean official returning from China has been positive the NCov test. The victim fled the quarantine and to prevent the spread, Kim Jong Un allegedly ordered the victim to be shot dead.

The news was published by South Korea’s largest newspaper company Chosun Ilbo last week. According to them, the information comes from their trusted source. In a North Korean official statement, their leader asserted that there was not one case of NCov in their country.

A report from Pyongyang informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that 141 of their patients suspected of having NCov were negative in the test.  The report was released to refute rumors of an outbreak of dangerous diseases in their country. This is contrary to SoKor Media’s anonymous source report that there is an NCov case and some of them are in serious state.

North Korea is known as a country ruled by a tyrannical and dictatorial leader. No one can just go out and enter their country without undergoing rigorous inspections so it is not easy to know their country’s situation. The leader is also known for not wanting to kill anyone who violates his law. Because of this, it does not eliminate the possibility that the news is true.

A WHO official says North Korea imports clothing such as disposable gowns, gloves, and hazmat suits in protection of the disease.  It is believed that their Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is also afraid that it will not appear in the media. According to the report, the dictatorial leader was last seen last week in January.