Maltreated OFW Asking To Be Rescued

Recently and Overseas Filipino Worker Domestic helper in KSA was abused and hoping to be rescued during the country’s national lock down due to pandemic crisis. The OFW’s name is Rysa P. Mallare from San Jose, Baraoas Sur, Naguilian La Union asking for help from her agency. She’s been working for almost two years in KSA as domestic helper. She left her eight children and her husband works as a public driver in the province.

According to her post, a concerned fellow ofw saw a distressed OFW post from the another commentator as well and it was mentioned that the netizens had already informed the OFWs situation to her recruitment agency, Z Career Agency.

Also, they already informed OWWA and POEA in Sand Fernando, La Union, and Raffy Tulfo in Action as well. The netizens said that the OWWA and POEA San Fernando La Union told them that only the OFW’s husband has the right to report his wife’s situation.

OFW Distressed

Meanwhile, POEA and OWWA also told them that they have taken action and follow-up the OFW’s situation. As seen in the post, the OFW suffered from physically abused showing scars on her hands. She lost weight and her hands are swelling with scars. In a comment said that the OFW doesn’t only work in one household as stated in her contract, but works in several households as well. The employer brings her to the family’s house (mother, siblings) to do household chores.

“Kung saan saan dinala para maglinis ng bahay na hindi lang bahay ng amo niya. Sana po matulungan po siya at makaabot po ito sa kinauukulan para matulungan po siya.”

Saudi is still in lock-down and there’s no news if the OFWs has been rescued. To those who wanted to help, you can call her sibling’s number here: 09123425605.

The distressed OFW is seeking for help of the government agencies.