Lonely Dog Received A T-shirt From A Deployed Dad

Brindle the dog freaks out when he received a T-shirt from his dad from deployment. Brindle was a puppy in a shelter, when JD Aument and his wife, Rachel brought him home in Pennsylvania. He was instantly fell in love with his new home. With his brother Xander a German Sheppard became his best buddy.

According to Rachel, Brindle and JD are close and would sleep and snuggle together when his around. But JD is an army reservist firefighter who was soon deployed overseas and the family misses him so much especially Brindle.

” Brindle was lonely after JD Left home. He would sat look in front of the window for a couple of hours while waiting for JD comeback. The dog was miserable and start doing the same routine and sometimes the dog starts to cry.” Rachel Said.

Rachel told JD about Brindle, so he thought of a way to send his love and help his furry friend. JD sent a smelly, used, and unwashed shirt for the dogs. As soon as Rachel gave the shirt to them, Brindle immediately recognized JD’s scent.

According to Rachel ” When brindle received his father t shirt, the dog started to wiggle his tail and felt excited and joyful that day.” She felt comforted when she saw his dog come back into an energetic normal dog. ” He started to sniff and roll its body into the shirt. He brings the shirt wherever he wanted.

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