Literally Solo Flight

A rare moment of flying solo in a commercial plane in the Philippines, excites the passenger after she found out that she is the only passenger who’s flying alone with Philippine Airlines bond to Davao.

The passenger Louisa Erispe wasn’t expecting the situation as she expected an ordinary trip whith hundreds of co passengers. The flight PR 2820 Philippine Airline was the only flight with one passenger that day.

She received the full in-flight safety procedures all for herself, and received the amenities during the trip. On her Facebook post, she said that she was initially nervous about the flight.

Posted by Louisa Erispe on Monday, 24 December 2018

“I have no idea what to say or what to think. But I’ll be flying alone tonight on the plane. No other passenger, just me. I’m nervous. Please take care of me, God.”

However, she managed to enjoy it later.“ After a while, “the flight went well and I switched seats the whole time.” she added. She also took the chance to take picture of the whole crew during her flight.

Her Facebook post went viral after couple of days and admired and praised in the comments.