A Landaly Kabayan Remove Rent Fee For Tenants During The Pandemic

Whenever there is a problem or crisis facing our country, especially now because of the threat posed by C0VID-19, it is only amusing to think that the Filipinos and their mutual support really stand out.

Most of our fellow citizens today are greatly affected by the enhanced quarantine community in the country, so many of our countrymen, especially the poor and needy are among the problematic ones today where they can find money to buy them their food as long as the ECQ exists in the country because they cannot afford to live because of the ECQ.

But, it’s just a relief to think that most of us still provide help for the poor and needy in the midst of the crisis that our country faces today. Just like the good shown by this netizen and his wife to help both.

In the post of netizen Maine Chu, he said that it seems that the couple is persuading them to pay their renters more because they know they don’t have the money now and to make a living because of the existing ECQ in the country. Maine said he and his good wife have decided not to rent and lease only the three houses they rented from March 14 to April 15, or depending on when the lockdown period expires.

According to Maine’s post,

At the time we were renting a rental rental so my husband and I decided last March 14 free rentals (P19,500 / month) from March 14 to April 15) door 1, door 2 and door 3) that all can go up depending on the loss of the lockdown.

According to her, the couple was also surprised when their landlords wept when they spoke to the couple and said they would not be able to rent it first. They are also very grateful to them for the kindness they have shown for their tenants.

Maine said that despite the difficult decision that they made, they now need the greater understanding and cooperation of each of us in times of crisis facing our country. Maine just wants to be an inspiration and a great example to everyone who helps poor people and those in need.

Many of our netizens also applaud the goodwill that Maine has shown for home tenants.