For Good OFWs Business Ideas

For overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who went home the country and get tired from working overseas, here are some business ideas you might want to come up with.

Option 1: Home Farm

If you like to start your farm in the backyard of your home, the first thing you need to do is create a clean environment for your animals. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking pigs as filthy animals, and they leave them like that. Pigs, like every other animal out there, can catch diseases if their surrounding is not clean. One of the foremost tips when running a hog business is to create pig care or a pen where there are drainage systems and septic tanks. These two are a must! Make sure you clean the cage regularly, as pigs defecate typically twice daily. Providing a water source is also high on the priority list, as you need to wash your animals once a day and provide them with clean water for drinking.

Income Types in Home Farm

If your aim to have a small business in your backyard, there are a lot of business ideas to make an income. The first one is to grow the hogs (pigs), and sell them as they reach 90 kilos in weight. One of the business you can put up are pigs with age ranging from one month to 45 days, where you can sell them after three months of feeding. The second option is pig breeding. Your sow will give birth every four to six months, and it is important to keep them lean and thin, so they can produce more piglets. Limit their feeding to approximately 1 kilo per day. After the piglets are born, take care of them by giving them vaccines and feeding them the right way then after one month you can sell them.

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Option 2: Eatery or Carenderia

If there’s no way for you to place your small farm or piggery. You can look for other business ventures that is suitable for your place. You might want to have a small eatery that serves Filipino food delicacies.

A good location for your eatery business or carenderia will be near at school, supermarkets, offices or somewhere employees who need to take their lunch break after a half day shift from work or students and some other people who needs to fill their stomach.