A Pinoy OFW Saves Almost 500K

Every OFW Dreamed To Save Money Before Settling Back Home, A Pinoy OFW Saves Almost 500K With In Just 1 Year.

Everybody hope to save more money to secure their future, but a Pinoy OFW Saves Almost 500K. An inspiring OFW name Robert Milla Cruz From Cebu who is an Filipino worker based in Kuwait, works in a local restaurant as a waiter. He was working for almost seven years however he never save enough to secure his future. But one day he never knew that he’ll save more than what he expected.

Kuwait Dinar

In his facebook post he said he broke his a hand made bank coin from a milk tin can. He was surprised when he pulled out the money out of his bank coin. When he started to count the money he was surprised and never expect to make almost four hundred and eighty five thousand pesos (485,000Php) or two thousand and nine hundred seventy kuwait dinars (2,970KWD).

He started to save last year after he collected extra tips from customers for giving them good service. Cruz, spend his whole life from working as he is the breed winner of the family who expect remittance from him.

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He also added that he reach this kind of amount because he reduces his expenses such as debt to shopping spree and some other expenses that are not really important. He remove his bad habits in smoking and buying unnecessary items like gadgets and new branded clothes.

He promised that he will use the money to invest by putting a small business that sell rice, sugar, oil and vegetables. Cruz is planning to go for vacation this year and fulfill his business. The story was circulating on social media and many online citizen praised and inspire him and wishes to do the same.

Cruz added on his post, “You can save more than I do, if you are willing to sacrifices your bad habits its up to you, you need to put your self in discipline and control on your buying. Budgeting and making a financial record is very important. There’s no easy way to save money.”