Recycled Face Mask

A Pharmaceutical Was Caught Recycling and Reselling Used Face Masks

The Pandemic COVID-19 threat is drastically growing the demand of surgical masks all over the world. The pandemic has become an opportunity for opportunists capitalizing on public anxieties. On Monday March 2 in Thailand. The Thai Police has raided a second hand items store in Saraburi a province northeast of Bangkok and found a couple of worker ironing and recycling face masks.

During an interview, the workers put the masks in a washing machine before ironing and repackaging them in boxes for selling. According to them they will get 1 Baht (Approximate 0.03$) for every box they have recycled. They able to recycle 300 to 400 boxes per day.

The Nation reported. During the raid, authorities found entire sacks of used face masks. They estimated that there were tens of thousands of face masks being processed at the store.

PHOTO: Thai PBS World

The face masks were confiscated by the authorities and will intend to burn or burry the face masks. The store allegedly told the authorities that they got the supply from a dealer. They also told the authorities that they have sold up to 200,000 pieces of recycled masks on Social Media with a price of 0.10$ each box.