500 Donation From Sap Benificiary

500 Pesos Deduction From SAP Beneficiary of DSWD

A viral video on facebook of Mary Cris Esteban a house wife of Mr. Esteban a baranggay Kagawad in Old Balara Quezon City. She explained to a SAP beneficiary that she will deduct 500 Philippine pesos from her SAP or Social Amelioration Program of DSWD, that she will deduct 500 pesos from her money given by DSWD to forcefully join her to a Lady Group called “Old Balara Ladies Group”.

500 Donation From Sap Benificiaries

She explained that if she joined the group she’ll get a priority aid from government and can join Christmas party during the holidays. According to the City Hall, the beneficiary should received the exact amount 5,300 Pesos without any deduction. The program aim to support those indigent people who lost their job during the pandemic crisis.

Mary Cris Esteban

According to the DILG. The Lady who ask for 500 Pesos was pressed with charges. There are more than 300 numbers of people in the official who were filed a case in the court and other are under investigations.