2 Filipino Rushed In The Hospital In New Clark City Pampanga After Showing Symptoms of CoViD19.

The two out of three Filipino Repatriates who works in the cruise ship was rushed in the hospital after showing symptoms (Soar Throat) of CoVid19 last Thursday was negative from the Virus. They are the Filipino crew who work in the cruise ship name Diamond Princess Cruise Ship that came from Japan. One of them is still under observation and quarantined for further examination to ensure the information gathered from the patient.

There are total of 85 Filipinos who are infected with the CoViD19 around the world. Majority of these are from Japan who works under the Cruise Ship of Diamond Princess. Ten of them are in stable condition now. Eight are repatriated and back to their families in the Philippines.

The Philippine Government haven’t issue any further notice on Travel Ban in Japan, while South Korea is restricted for Filipino Tourist Travelers. The Department of Immigration are holding Travelers who are heading to South Korea and advice to reschedule their trip.

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